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5o partners from eleven countries are involved in the InterConnect project

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Led by INESC TEC, and with the Dutch R&D institution TNO as the technical innovation coordinator, the InterConnect consortium is composed by partners with different profiles

Project Structure

The InterConnect project will be implemented based on a 48-month work plan, structured in eleven work-packages.


  • WP1 Use Cases. Business Models and Services (EEBUS)

    Lead: EEBUS | Duration: M1-18

    This WP will identify energy and non-energy services and set the corresponding use-cases considering the requirements for interoperable, modular and decentralized architectures, considering stakeholders and their roles to establish interactions and rules of engagement.

  • WP2 Domain Interoperable loT Reference Architecture (TNO)

    Lead: TNO | Duration: M1-36

    This WP will set a technology independent and system agnostic architecture to support the WP1 outcomes, integrating information exchange, privacy and security strategies, to establish a set of semantic domains (based on ontologies) to support interoperable IoT based solutions.

  • WP3 Semantically Interoperable Components, Applications and Devices for Smart Homes and Buildings (VITO)

    Lead: VITO | Duration: M9-24

    This WP will specify and develop interoperable functions within the building context to interconnect components and systems through APIs and digital platforms.

  • WP4 Smart Grids Framework for an Interoperable Energy System (EDP)

    Lead: EDPD | Duration: M13-32

    This WP will design and implement a standardized DSO interface and the corresponding API setting the information and communication standards towards the integration of several market platforms, including existing and new systems, to exploit flexibility services provided by market participants.

  • WP5 Digital Platforms and Marketplace (VLF)

    Lead: VizLore | Duration: M7-48

    This WP will set a marketplace composed of different digital platforms for a seamless and interoperable integration of devices and systems through an interoperability toolbox that enables different stakeholders to create customized solutions to support different flows of information and related services.


  • WP6 Preparation, Coordination and Monitoring of Pilots (THNK)

    Lead: Th!nk-E | Duration: M23-48

    This WP will perform all the validation and preparation activities for the project pilot and provide an initial articulation between the different countries, the consortium partners and third parties that may be associated to the different activities that will take place in each pilot.

  • WP7 Large-scale Demonstration and Integration of Solutions (INESC TEC)

    Lead: INESC TEC | Duration: M24-48

    This WP will demonstrate the use cases and services established for each pilot, supported by the reference architecture, to test and validate the business models and energy and non-energy services through different digital platforms in households, buildings and communities, in articulation with the services providers and grid operators.


  • WP8 Fostering Innovation Through Bottom-up Projects (FBA)

    Lead: FundingBox | Duration: M25-47

    This WP will expand the ecosystem of players through open calls, offering opportunities to entrepreneurs, to develop new solutions and services based on the interoperability toolbox and demonstrate them in real pilot scenarios and increase the project impact and exploitation of results.

  • WP9 Sustainability of the InterConnect Project (WINGS)

    Lead: Wings ICT Solutions | Duration: M4-48

    This WP will focus on the sustainability of the project seeking long-term impacts in: the technological domain via standardization and regulation bodies; in the business and market domain via go-to-market strategies and recommendations to policy-makers; and in the societal domain through awareness and engagement activities of end-users of energy and digital platforms.

  • WP10 Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation (INESC TEC)

    Lead: INESC TEC | Duration: M1-48

    This WP will set the communication strategies for the project through the identification of the main features and benefits of the different outcomes of the project to enhance the exploitation of results both technical and commercial leveraging on internal and external interactions between consortium partners and other players.

  • WP11 Project Management and Coordination (INESC TEC)

    Lead: INESC TEC | Duration: M1-48

    This WP will manage and coordinate the whole project articulating the different roles and duties of the project coordinator, the steering committee, general assembly, ethics and data protection committee and the advisory board, ensuring continuous monitoring and quality control.