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ThermoVault is a start-up affiliated to EnergyVille (Belgium) and UC Berkeley (California). The company offers a software and hardware solution for electric energy services of residential thermal appliances. ThermoVault is headquartered in Genk (Belgium) and has access to laboratory and office space on the UC Berkeley campus. ThermoVault BVBA has been created in order to offer a software and hardware solution that unlocks the most cost-effective form of energy storage, while simultaneously allowing for the integration of more renewables. Our retrofit solution for existing water and space heaters results in direct energy savings for residential customers, as well as a lucrative grid-responsive energy storage device. In addition, our asset management notification system increases the comfort of the end user and reports when an appliance is consuming excessive amounts of energy and/or is in need of repair. Our virtual power plant can be used to offer valuable services to utilities, plumbing companies, appliance manufacturers and system operators, transforming end-users into green, active and profitable stakeholders of the energy transition. ThermoVault keynotes for participation as SME in H2020 projects are:

  • Operational, cost-effective all-in solution (SW & HW), universally applicable to space & water heaters from different manufacturers and thermal storage specifications
  • Amazon AWS Activate start-up, architecture development with highest security requirements (TLS/GDPR) in mind, open API access
  • Access to in-house laboratory space at EnergyVille (Belgium), and availability of real-life deployment sites.
  • Experienced in state-of-the-art demand response strategies on differing timescales and on local, building and national level.
  • Globally connected team, with support from professors from KU Leuven and UC Berkeley

Thor Park, Poort Genk 8310, 3600 Genk, Belgium

+32 (0)485 79 14