Interoperable digital solutions for communities, enhancing energy literacy and Demand Response mechanisms – Italian uptake

Planet Smart City
January 9, 2024

In June 2023, Planet Idea presented the Italian pilot of the InterConnect project during an event with more than 350 participants from the Italian energy sector.


The event took place in Milan and was organized by Energy&Strategy Group of Politecnico di Milano. The Energy Efficiency Report 2023 was presented during the event. The Energy Efficiency Report gives a comprehensive overview of the energy efficiency market in Italy, analysing also the regulatory framework and the energy efficiency technologies. Considering energy efficiency technologies, also innovative smart technologies for energy monitoring and energy management were presented. In this vein, the Italian pilot of the InterConnect project represented a practical example of the application of innovative technologies in buildings.


The Italian pilot of the InterConnect project takes place in three different social housing districts in Milano, namely: REDO Moneta, REDO Merezzate and Quintiliano, all of them located in the metropolitan city of Milan and joined together by common primary energy substations (2).





The objective of the pilot is to demonstrate how large-scale settlements can jointly participate to the stability of electricity distribution grid,  leveraging on digital and interoperable tools capable of orchestrating electrical loads according to the needs of the DSOs (Distribution System Operators).

By targeting a social housing dwelling, the pilot has provided the participants with smart appliances that have been priorly integrated within the Semantic Interoperability Framework, so to be seamlessly monitored and controlled remotely, facilitating demand response, and flexibility mechanisms, thanks to an optimization algorithm.

As for now 110+  participants are nudged by a single touch point mobile application (Planet App) to follow tips for efficiently making use of electricity (according to Co2 or cost tips) and informed about optimized rescheduled cycles of home connected devices.





The Planet App function as a dual-purpose ‘hub’. First, providing residents with information and allowing them to access the building’s smart solutions and connect with different service providers. Additionally, it acts as a way to foster innovation within the community, facilitating collaboration and interaction among residents.




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