OC2: Open Call for Demonstrators of Energy Applications [Closed]

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About the open call

Revolutionize the energy landscape with InterConnect’s Open Call for Demonstrators of Energy Applications! 

The aim of the Open Call for Demonstrators of Energy Applications is to develop and deploy energy applications that can help mitigate the impact of the current energy crisis by enhancing grid stability, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and lowering energy costs for consumers through the Common European Reference Framework for Energy (CERF).

The selection process is a two-step journey, with up to ten projects from eligible countries being handpicked to develop their Specification & Development Plan within just one month. Finally, up to seven exceptional projects will be granted the opportunity to integrate, implement, and test their energy applications using InterConnect’s world-class interoperable framework, top-notch services, and data sources.  

Who can participate

Participants such as SMEs (including start-ups), mid-caps or large companies, registered in any EU member states, are eligible to participate, however only projects to be demonstrated in the countries listed below, can be selected for funding:

[1] Following the Council Implementing Decision (EU) 2022/2506, as of 16th December 2022, no legal commitments can be signed with Hungarian public interest trusts established under Hungarian Act IX of 2021 or any entity they maintain. Affected entities may continue to apply to calls for proposals. However, in case the Council measures are not lifted, such entities are not eligible to participate in any funded role (beneficiaries, affiliated entities, subcontractors, recipients of financial support to third parties). In this case, co-applicants will be invited to remove or replace that entity and/or to change its status into associated partner. Tasks and budget may be redistributed accordingly.

Project demonstrators in Portugal, the Netherlands, Italy, and Greece are excluded from this open callas InterConnect has already established use cases being demonstrated in these countries.

The ideal candidate will have already built up a sizable consumer base, demonstrating their ability to attract and engage their audience. Our evaluation process places a premium on relevant experience, so be sure to showcase your background during the proposal stage. We’re seeking applicants with the capacity to rapidly prototype and scale-up their energy application, so if you have a game-changing idea, now is the time to act!  

The proposals for the energy applications to be developed
should support:

  • Access to grid data, ensuring greater system resiliency while also creating opportunities to reduce energy consumption.  
  • A user interface, such as a mobile application, that effectively delivers recommendations and tips to reduce or defer energy consumption.  
  • Feedback on the participation that impacts energy use providing added value to both consumers and the grid.  
  • Interoperable data exchange, enabling data needs within and across member states to be met.  
  • The next generation of the blueprint of the CERF established by the InterConnect project.  

OC1: Open Call for Interoperable-by-design Prototypes [Closed]

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About the open call

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