R&D and consultancy

3E is an independent technology and consultancy company. 3E delivers solutions and guidance for sustainable energy projects, including sustainable energy for buildings and sites and PV projects. Our products and services cover the whole project lifecycle, to support project developers, asset managers, operators, investors, industry and policymakers.

Our key areas of expertise are:

– Solar: PV & thermal power

– Wind power: on & offshore

– Sustainable buildings & sites

– Power grids and markets (hybrids, mini-grids, storage)

3E combines a thorough understanding of practical industry needs with in-house innovation in partnerships with leading R&D centres. We combine our specific expertise in wind energy, solar energy and sustainable energy in buildings with internal data analytics and IT expertise.

Established in 1999, the company has a project track-record of 19 years in over 40 countries, and is a trusted party for private companies, governmental institutions and the non-profit sector in the global renewable energy market.

In 2009, 3E launched the new business unit Products to complement the existing Consultancy business. Products bring recurrent and stable revenues while consultancy keeps us flexible and close to the end customers’ needs. In 2009, Products generated 6% of 3E’s €8 million turnover. In 2017, Products accounted for approximately 30% of €10.3 million turnover. 3E strives for a balanced turnover between both activities. Today, 3E is operating several software products as a service (SaaS) under the brand names SynaptiQ Wind & Solar, 3E Data Services and PV Health Scan (see also below). The brands SynaptiQ and 3E PV Health Scan are trademarks registered by 3E.

Since 2011, 3E has also created three successful spin-off companies called XANT, FLiDAR and Wattson, commercializing technology-oriented services and products through business models beyond software. The SynaptiQ Building service is still at medium technology readiness level (TRL7) and we want to develop it further through this project.

3E has worked on projects in more than 30 countries and operates with an international team of around 100 experts from its headquarters in Brussels and offices in Toulouse, Paris, Istanbul, Cape Town, New Delhi and London. 3E is certified ISO 9001.


3E Headquarters Kalkkaai 6 B-1000 Brussels Belgium

+32 (0) 2 217 58 68info@3E.eu