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ABB has been in the business of power distribution and power applications for well over a century, providing utility, industrial, commercial and residential customers with safe, reliable technologies. Over this time the company has been a constant pioneer both of the technology itself and of its applications.

The huge portfolio of products and services available now for current conduction, electrical insulation, switching operations, protection, control and interruption is a testament to this pioneering spirit. Today’s portfolio includes 66 product lines in 34 sites in 27 countries. And this portfolio is evolving so that ABB can offer its customers solutions that are more efficient and reliable, safer, smarter, more environmentally friendly, and easier to engineer, install and operate.

33% of ABB’s global revenues are generated in Europe and 46% of all employees work in Europe. 32% of ABB’s global business in in the utility market, which includes transmission, distribution and renewable generation. Service and software are gaining importance in the future growth of the company. It’s share in the total revenues has increased from 15% in 2013 till 20% today.

Grand View Research, Research and Markets as well as Mordor Intelligence all list ABB as one of the key companies in the market of microgrids and community energy projects. ABB is a pioneer in microgrid technology with a track record of more than 30 global installations that are operated commercially for a diverse range of applications such as remote communities, islanded electrical grids, utility grid support and research and industrial campuses.

Power shortages, availability of renewable energy sources like wind and solar, fossil fuel price volatility and environmental concerns are leading to the search for sustainable solutions. ABB takes a leading role in Flanders when it comes to microgrids and storage and the novel concept of Local Energy Communities, conformed by its decisive presence in several feasibility studies (amongst others MSLEC, Clean Energy Park Zellik, MicrogridsPlus) and European projects with Flemish pilots (amongst others Musegrids and STORY). Local Energy Communities are closely linked to Closed Distribution Systems and Microgrids, where ABB shares the market with competitors Schneider Electric, Siemens AG and EATON, but none of these have the strong cooperative mind that ABB shows both towards complementary companies as towards cooperating with research institutes in the context of Flux50 of H2020 projects.


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