Domótica SGTA

IoT/ ICT providers

Starting in 1988, Domótica SGTA pioneered in Portugal in the design, installation and commissioning of control and building management systems (BMS).

In a market dominated by large multinational companies, Domótica SGTA always excelled in the implementation of technologically innovative systems, coupled with superior quality of service and effective after-sales support and maintenance, ensuring the trust and the loyalty of our customers.

The implemented technical solutions rely on the careful selection of leading technology products, high investment in R & D and strategic partnerships. Currently Domótica SGTA preferentially uses products supporting open standard communication protocols (BACnet, LonTalk, Mod-Bus, DALI, KNX, M-Bus), allowing easy integration with other manufacturers equipment and creating flexible and customizable installations.

These attributes allow a closer collaboration with our customers designing solutions that fit into the different requirements of each building including the development of new solutions for our customers, like operational management software.

With jobs done in Europe (Portugal, Spain, France and Belgium), Africa (Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde) and South and Central America (Brazil and Jamaica), thanks to the recognition and the credibility of our services, we are ready for the challenges of a Global market.

With headquarters in Lisbon and currently with 20 employees, Domótica SGTA is the largest system integrator in the Portuguese market and maintains active subsidiaries in Madrid, Luanda, Maputo and São Paulo.


Alameda Roentgen, nº2A 1ºC 1600-759 Lisboa Portugal

(+351) 21 711 06