Manufacturers and associations

EDSO for Smart Grids (EDSO) is an international association, formed in 2010, representing leading European Distribution System Operators (DSOs) for electricity, cooperating to bring smart grids from vision to reality. The association now gathers 36 leading DSOs and associations throughout the European Union, connecting around 70% of all metering points in the EU.

EDSO’s mission is to facilitate knowledge-sharing among DSOs, to contribute to European smart grid projects, to monitor European energy policies and contribute to the European Commission’s initiatives related to distribution grids.

In the field of projects, EDSO for Smart Grids’ core mission is to foster knowledge-sharing and help its members to innovate through European projects. Since its creation in 2010, EDSO and its third-parties have gained a thorough knowledge of smart grid developments, digital grids, TSO/DSO coordination, stakeholder engagement, data collection and customer relations through their previous projects such as Grid+, Meter-ON, REServiceS, Grid+Storage, Flexiciency and INTENSYS4EU.

In addition, EDSO can rely on an active network of more than 200 experts involved in its various working groups and task forces.


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