E-REDES is part of EDP Group and Portugal’s incumbent DSO (accounting for 97% of the market with more than 6 million customers). E-REDES coordinated EEGI Core Project InovGrid, which started as a large-scale smart grid demonstration and is currently impacting more than 1,7M consumers.


Leveraging on its Smart Grid infrastructure and its innovating strategy during the last decade, the company has increased its participation on European Projects, having participated in more than 20 projects, which led to the establishment of partnerships with more than 150 entities (universities, industrial partners, research institutes, utilities, local authorities, etc.) from 21 different countries.


Furthermore, this portfolio of partnerships is complemented by a strong representation of EDP group in several associations of the sector in Europe, with emphasis on the CEO of E-REDES, João Torres, as former chairman of EDSO.


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