Elektro Ljubljana


Elektro Ljubljana is the largest power distribution company in Slovenia. It covers the main part of Slovenia, including Ljubljana, the country’s capital city. Elektro Ljubljana’s grid covers a third of Slovenia, i.e. 6,166 sq km. Over 36 % of the population relies on the supply of the power provided by the Company; hence it supplies electricity to over 326,000 customers. The Company is also responsible for the development, maintenance and management of the grid and it employs almost 1,000 employees. Presenting the grid in figures, the Company oversees 16,390 kilometres of underground cables and overhead lines as well as 5,183 substations. Ljubljana, the capital city, relies almost exclusively on the underground network and covers an area of 149 sq km while the cables stretch on over 2.697 km.

The Company boasts with the following certificates: ISO 9001 (Quality Management System), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System), ISO 27001 (Data Protection Management System) and OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health & Safety Management System), which attest company’s dedication towards quality-orientated organisation and policy. The Company’s mission is a complete supply of electricity to consumers and performance of ancillary services. Moreover, the Company’s vision is to become the leading supply company in the field of energy

in Slovenia. The Company achieves its vision through active investments and marketing policy, redesign of local energy concepts in the areas of electricity, gas and heat production and distribution, and through the introduction of new products pertaining to the sales of energy products and services. Beside Elektro Ljubljana, d.d. is a manager and the owner of smart charging stations.


Elektro Ljubljana, Pražakova ulica, 1000 Ljubljana, Eslovénia

+386 1 230 40 00info@elektro-ljubljana.si