Enedis is a private-law body (limited liability Company with a board of directors and supervisory board), unbundled subsidiary of EDF, entrusted with a public service mission: managing the electricity distribution network. As such Enedis is developing, operating and modernising the power grid, managing the associated data; as well as building new grid connections. Enedis also ensures 24 hour and 7/7 troubleshooting, meter readings and all related technical interventions. Enedis missions are twofold: 1) Ensuring service continuity and quality; 2) and ensuring Non-Discriminatory access to the network. Enedis ensures 95% of power distribution in France, it employs 39,000 people and it serves 35 million clients that are connected to low and medium voltage grid with a length of 1.300.000 km. It is strictly independent from energy suppliers that market and sell electricity contracts. Thanks to both the digital revolution and the energy transition, Enedis activities have changed. The company gradually turns into a distribution system operator, hybridised with smart technologies. To meet a growing demand in electricity and to support the French territories in their energy transition projects, Enedis conducts an active and extensive investment policy (+7% investment per year since 2008). Enedis helps in many fields: connecting renewable energies to the distribution grid, setting up self-consumption schemes, developing electric mobility, or installing electricity storage capacity. In France, the energy transition gives Enedis a key role, while in Europe Enedis ranks as a first-class electricity

distributor, and shares its expertise in all the new issues at stake, notably in the field of smart grids. Enedis is undertaking 18 smart grid projects on the French territory, covering different types of areas (urban, suburban, rural), challenges (wind and solar intermittency, electrical vehicles, cyber-security, energy conservation, big data) and solutions (smart meter, storage, telecommunications…). Thus, it will help for a better integration of renewable energy, to better answer to intermittency challenges, to integrate the new usage and to test innovative solutions for electricity management. Enedis can rely on technical experts who gained experience of these different projects. Enedis CEO is also the deputy chairman of “Think Smart Grid”, the French official association promoting smart grid development.