IoT/ ICT providers

GRIDNET is an SME company established in Volos, Greece and focused on developing communication and Internet technology solutions, mainly in the fields of wireless networking and IoT technologies. Developed systems are integrated solutions that include custom made hardware devices (gateways, sensors), as well as a full software suite including backend services (measurement collection, analytics, recommendations) and user interfaces (smartphone applications, dashboards, etc.) The company’s core platform is a highly customizable gateway solution enabling interconnection of heterogeneous standards and devices. The platform capabilities have been verified through its adoption in various applications and across a wide range of diverse and highly demanding environments (city-wide, railway, marine). GRIDNET also maintains a city-wide testbed facility for testing the performance of own prototype communication hardware. The competitive advantages of our company include the deep knowledge of various communications protocols stemming from our extensive research background, the adoption of state-of-the-art and open-source technologies across all system layers and the ability to offer advanced customization services to business customers. In GRIDNET, we have been successfully engaged in various R&D projects and continuously explore for international business opportunities.


Riga Feraiou 119, 38221, Volos, Greece