Planet Smart City

Retailers and end-users

Planet Idea is a Planet Group company and is the first Competence Centre capable of transforming large real estate projects into smart ones. Planet Idea selects the most innovative urban products, services, and best practices, based on smart city principles. We integrate these approaches into projects involving both brownfield and greenfield neighbourhoods. The projects conceived by Planet Idea aim to make future neighbourhoods’ communities where the quality of life is improved through more efficient and cost-effective services, and where technology is integrated with a special attention to social aspects. Planet Idea’s Competence Centre is structured in four macro areas: Ecosystem Resources, Built Environment, Technological Systems, and Society. Planet Idea’s staff consists of over 40 professionals from various sectors: planners, architects, agronomists, civil and energy engineers, IoT and digital platform experts, social inclusion experts, financial analysts, and communications experts. The Planet Group has achieved its vision through the involvement in the creation of the first smart city with social housing in the world. The project was launched in 2014 near Fortaleza, Brazil and is expected to be completed in 2020. In 2016 Planet also developed the first smart square in Italy, located in Turin.

Planet Idea in collaboration with Arup Italia, has developed the ReSmart Index. This unique evaluation framework assesses the level of “smartness” achieved by new real estate projects. The “smartness” scores for various infrastructures and services will be easily measurable, intelligible, and available to the smart neighbourhood residents. Planet has an own App (Planet App), it was developed to propose a useful tool to manage the services included in new districts developed. The Planet App is designed as an instrument to manage this complexity, interpret data, and produce value added statistics for all stakeholders. It allows citizens to fully experience the benefits of implemented smart solutions in their home and neighbourhood.


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