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Founded as an incubation of large research centre (CNRS, Toulouse, France), Sensinov is an innovative start-up providing a cloud platform for IoT interoperability enabling massive deployments of IoT devices and applications independently from their underlying protocols and manufacturers. Sensinov portfolio is focused on integrated buildings and cities markets and offers a large panel of interworking possibilities. It also offers the level of openness needed to avoid customers lock-in to technology or cloud provider. Leveraging the Eclipse OM2M open source project, also led by Sensinov, the platform offers seamless communications, semantic interoperability and is designed to scale for massive IoT in various domains. Sensinov uses its platform for fast tracking application developments and solution deployment for IoT. Sensinov platform is designed to run on wide variety of devices (including the most constrained ones), gateways as well as cloud and data centre frameworks. Despite being a young company, we have

an innovative heritage (as part of previous work of more than 4 years in a large research centre which incubated Sensinov), a commitment to open source, and an active involvement in emerging standards. We are uniquely positioned to provide a true open platform, that allows investment protection by avoiding lock-in. We have largely driven test activities in oneM2M and participated successfully in all international oneM2M test events in France, Korea, USA and Japan which makes us a unique provider of off-the-shelf oneM2M stack for device, gateway and



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