Retailers and end-users

Sonae is a leader in the Portuguese retail market (food and non-food). Established in 1959, grew and strengthened its core business during the 1980s and 1990s and achieved a turnover of €4.9Bn in 2014.


Innovation in products and services has been the main tool to increase the company’s competitiveness. Sonae holds other businesses and interests such as retail properties, and core partnerships, such as shopping centers and telecommunications (one of Portugal’s biggest Telco companies).


The retail business came a long way since the opening of the first hypermarket in 1985, changing along the way the consumer habits and starting a revolution in the commercial landscape in Portugal. Today it owns hypermarkets & convenience supermarkets, electronics stores, fashion stores, cafeteria and restaurants, book shops & stationery, health & wellbeing stores.


Sonae’s vision is “to create economic and social value in the long run, taking the benefits of progress and innovation to an ever-increasing number of people”, that’s why the company sees innovation in the service of sustainability as a priority.


Rua João Mendonça, 529 4464-501 Senhora da Hora Matosinhos Portugal

+351 229 561