R&D and consultancy

TRIALOG is an expertise and consulting company which provides expertise in innovation for system specification, system validation, interoperability, internet of things, cyber-security and privacy by design, in embedded and industrial systems.

Our work mainly focus on three domains: Energy (Smart metering, Smart Grids), Transports (e-Mobility, Intelligent Transportation System), and Social & Health (Active Ageing Living).

  • In Energy sector, Trialog is helping worldwide DSOs to design, develop and validate smart metering and smart grids systems. In particular, Trialog is an active partner of Enedis for the full rollout of Linky smart metering project (35 million meters) since 2008. Trialog has participated to several Smart Grid projects and pilots in France and Europe.
  • In Transports sector, Trialog provides its expertise on the whole value chain of electromobility, supporting the stakeholders with its know-how and skills on communication, proof-of-concept and platform development. Trialog focuses on charging infrastructure, vehicle-to-grid systems and autonomous vehicle. Trialog has also a well-established leadership in car communication for the car 2 car networking where security of communication and privacy are two key enablers.
  • In the Social & Health domain, Trialog is developing software building blocks for the eHome market in several areas (energy management, home control, AAL). He is the leader of a French innovation project called AMISURE, which aims at improving the organisation of actors in the care service areas.

In all these domains, Trialog mainly provides expertise on telecom, standards, interoperability, resilience, privacy, security, system design, validation and operation. TRIALOG is also a founding member of G3-PLC Alliance, a worldwide industrial consortium to support and promote the use of G3-PLC standard. In this alliance, TRIALOG is leading the Interoperability and Certification working groups.


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