VolkerWessels iCITY

Retailers and end-users

VolkerWessels is a Dutch group of companies with 15000 employees in about 120 operating companies and offices in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States. VolkerWessels iCity is one of the founded companies and represents the shareholder VolkerWessels in the development of Strijp-S. VolkerWessels bought Strijp-S together with the municipality of Eindhoven in 2001. Nowadays the world has changed and we believe that smart ICT infrastructures are the fourth utility of developing a city area. VolkerWessels iCity is focusing with all its activities on realizing (components of) smart cities. With help from our multidisciplinary network and expertise on smart city development, we provide smart and integral solutions for (real estate) developers and municipalities to transform a city into a comfortable, durable, interactive and adaptive living environment.


Torenallee 20 6003, 5617 BC te Eindhoven

+31 (0)40 304 62 21icity@volkerwessels.com