Yncrea Mediterranee

R&D and consultancy

Yncréa-Méditerranée (Former ISEN-Toulon) is an engineering high school and a research and development institute established in Toulon since 1991. It delivers a diploma in electrical engineering and computer science, equivalent to Master of applied sciences. The R&D activities at Yncréa-Méditerranée are organized around six domains:

  • Smart Cities (Internet of Things, Energy / Smart Grid, Contactless (NFC, Bluetooth, Zigbee , …) technologies and payment systems image, signal processing and technologies for telecommunications, ambient intelligence )
  • Technologies for marine world (Underwater Acoustics, underwater communications, Marine and submarine Observatories, Marine energy)
  • Healthcare Technologies (Robotics disability, Biomedical and biometric Electronics, Image Processing, Micro – technologies for health)
  • Micro & Nanotechnology (Micro and Nanoelectronics, Nanoelectronics / Nanoscience, Flexible Electronics, Acoustic Metamaterials)
  • Methodologies and technologies for Learning and Innovation (Co-design, creativity, learning by doing, making, E-learning, MOOC)
  • Digital humanities (socio-technical networks, systems and governance of these systems, open innovation networks and communities)


The Yncréa-Méditerranée R&D team runs around 40 local, national or international projects annually. Since 2000, many research activities have been conducted jointly with the National Center for Scientific Research:

  • IM2N – Institute of Materials, Microelectronics and Nanosciences of Provence (UMR CNRS 6242)
  • LSIS – Institute of Information and System Sciences (UMR CNRS 7296)
  • LEST – Institute of Labour Economics and Industrial Sociology (UMR CNRS 7317).


The IoT Chair of Yncréa-Méditerranée brings together academic researchers from the three schools of the ISEN group (Brest, Lille and Toulon) and leading industrial enterprises in IoT domain. Historical partners – Gemalto, IBM and ST Microelectronics are its co-founding members. The objective is to conduct joint industry-academy research and experimentations addressing the main IoT challenges such as uses and related business models, security and privacy, miniaturization, low power and energy harvesting. Industrial partners carry out standardization and exploitation of research results; ISEN distills cutting-edge knowledge from R&D activities to engineering students.

The ICI-Lab (Interface for Creativity and Innovation Lab) conducts research in the area of digital humanities. A specific focus in made on mutually shaping relationship between society and technology. The ICI Lab activities encompass:

  • co-design activities in ICT projects (cf. references below) and teaching of co-design in the applied 2-year master’s degree program for engineering students Business Engineering
  • action research in the field of digital humanities and creative and digital industries (cf. references below). In the current project, the researchers of ICI Lab will theorize the relationship between distributed technological set up, novel business models and underlying social constructs.

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