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Genk Thermovault

The impact of Local Energy Communities (LEC) regulation will be investigated for a heterogeneous selection of electrically heated apartment buildings from a technological and socio-economic perspective, considered to be representative for Flanders.

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This pilot objectives are the following:

  • Peak shaving and self-consumption by optimizing household water heaters at community and household level.
  • Customers will save +20% of the water heater’s energy consumption.
  • Customers will save money with the peak reduction service.
  • Customers will reduce their carbon foot-print due to the self-consumption service.

Technologies & Infrastructure

16 apartments in the city of Genk and 70 social apartments at Tienen are part of this pilot. These apartments are equipped with several controllers to retrofit 86 water heaters and 84 space heaters in total. The controlled thermal loads are reducing their consumption and energy costs while offering balancing services at the same time.


ThermoVault IoT modules and cloud service are used for smartify legacy-based assets like water boilers and space heaters.

Charging poles

Smart whitegoods

Smart heat-pumps

From the InterConnect Consortium:
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