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Genk Thorpark

ThorPark is a new science and business park on a former mining site, located in Genk (Belgium). One of the Belgium pilots will be located here.

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Thorpark will be the test location for integrating independent buildings to a common ICT platform in order to make them controllable as a Local Energy Community (LEC) which can actively participate in energy markets. Next to the technical aspects also the value chain, roles, and local agreements on sharing benefits, costs, and liability will be discussed and challenged.

The main goal of this pilot for the InterConnect project is to set up a DRM system and develop smart algorithms for EV charging, based on PV production and forecasts. In a first phase, this will be only for the EnergyVille 1 building. In a second phase, it will be investigated to apply this to multiple buildings and charging locations within Thor.

Our objectives are to:

  • Manage flexibility at community level to reduce electricity bill.
  • Maximise flexibility in public parking without compromising on user comfort.
  • Trade available flexibility through a local community platform (flex platform).

Technologies & Infrastructure

Thor Park is a new science and business park on a former mining site. The existing grid infrastructure towards Thor was dimensioned in function of the former mining activities and the current developments already generated the concern that grid reinforcement could be required in the near future.

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