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About 70 units – between apartments and households – will be intervened in the Belgium city of Hasselt.

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This pilot objectives are the following:

  • For the combination of individual apartment heating and hot tap water: optimal ‘charging’ profile determination.
  • At apartment level: determining ’charging’ flexibility (of heating and boiler) next to optimal ‘charging’ profile based on the forwarding of selected sensor and measurement data from CW to VITO machine-learning algorithms.
  • Aggregation of all optimal ‘charging’ profiles and ‘charging’ flexibility Determination of optimal DHN heat generation profile and heating source selection.

Technologies & Infrastructure

The city of Hasselt will be a test field of the InterConnect project in three clusters of multi-apartment buildings and about 70 units of apartments and households in total. The following technologies will be installed:

Small scale wind turbines

Gas-fired and electrical heat pump

Flexible district heating system

Substations with integrated thermal energy storage

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