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In the Belgium city of Kobbegem, the InterConnect project aims at creating a Local Energy Community with single connection to the grid and one management system.

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This pilot objectives are the following:

  • Give freedom to the user to join and leave the energy community.
  • Maximize the energy efficiency of the household and of the community through automatic smart energy decisions with impower.

Technologies & Infrastructure

Two residential buildings in the local energy community and one building, part of the “virtual” energy community, will be intervened. The following technologies will be installed:

Energy Management System

Combination of Loxone (existing technology) and Impower (new technology) that will be used as the ‘energy brain’ of the community. Through Loxone there is a user interface for the end consumer, Impower runs in the background and makes the smart decisions.

Heat pump

New device to be installed through Interconnect. It will be used to partially replace the current central heating and to heat up a swimming pool.

Energy storage

Existing technology: Enersys lead acid battery with Studer Invertor.


Existing technology: Powerdal Nextenderr charger to charge an electric car.

PV panels

Existing technology: 30 solar panels (in total 7.8 kWp) with an SMA invertor.

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