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You will have the opportunity to be one of the first people in France to have access to innovative solutions to accelerate the energy transition.

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250 households of the city of Toulon will be intervened by the InterConnect project to achieve the following goals:

  • Maximise the self-consumption of locally produced renewable energies:
    • By controlling the consumption of electrical equipment during periods of local renewable energy production. This solar energy is produced by the municipality (town hall, Sandro school, car park, etc.) or by private individuals.
  • Helping to reduce the cost of electricity consumption:
    • By using intelligent equipment to consume during the best periods of the dynamic tariff (different hourly rates during the day).

Technologies & Infrastructures

The project plans to install the following technologies and services in the homes:

Intelligent management of your electricity consumption.

Appliances that intelligently control the consumption of your existing water heaters and radiators.

A solution for controlling your electrical appliances to consume at the best time, while helping the electrical network thanks to a dynamic price offer that reflects the market.

A recharging platform enabling you to intelligently control the charging of your electric vehicle.

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