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Hotel Operators and Owners

Become part of an innovative project and integrate your hotel into tomorrow's charging infrastructure - with your participation we can gain significant insights into the potential of commercial applications of smart charging infrastructure. - Are you in?

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We will provide your hotel with the necessary charging infrastructure, meaning hardware and software. Your guests will bring the electric vehicles. Maybe, you may even have our own fleet! All you need to do is to offer the smart charging infrastructure to your guests. Together we will:

  • Turn you into a leading pilot in terms of smart charging concepts.
  • Support grid stability and the consumption of green energy.
  • Work on the prevention of power blackouts and guarantee stable supply of charging power.

This will be realized by the following measurements:

  • Adoption of EVs energy consumption to prices and availability of energy.
  • Avoidance of high electricity prices for the Hotel operator via peak-shaving.
  • Flexible tariffs to harmonize the production and demand and enable price optimized operation of EVs.
  • Enhanced grid monitoring and transparency on hotel level to identify hot spots.
  • Blackout prevention in overload scenarios while enabling further energy consumption

Technologies & Infrastructure

We will develop and install the following technologies inside the hotels:

Operation and energy management data integration platform

Backend Service to forecast and analyse energy relevant data.

Smart meter gateway

Certified and secure communication entry point to enable safe communication and interaction between market and grid on the one side and buildings with their smart devices on the other side.

Charge point operator

Backend to manage charging point, relevant for billing and maintenance purposes.

Energy manager

Central logic inside the building, monitors power consumption of connected devices (e.g., charging points). The EMS receives and fulfils incentives and signals from market and grid operators.

EV charging station

Electric charge points for EV’s of hotel guests with smart/IP interface to connect to the energy manager.

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