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Hotel Guests

Become part of future mobility concepts and be a guest in one of our smart charging hotels.

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As a guest of the hotel, with smart charging infrastructure, you can simply make use of the smart charging points provided by the hotel. You will receive information about the charging process and status of your vehicle throughout the hotel Energy Management System App or Interface. We want you to:

  • Become part of a smart charging infrastructure.
  • Make use of that infrastructure.
  • Be one of the first guests of a future-orientated hotel providing grid compatible and tariff-based charging infrastructure.

Technologies & Infrastructure

We will develop and install in this hotel the following technologies:

Smart meter gateway

Certified and secure communication entry point to enable safe communication and interaction between market and grid on the one side and buildings with their smart devices on the other side.

Charge point operator

Backend to manage charging point, relevant for billing and maintenance purposes.

Energy manager

Central logic inside the building, monitors power consumption of connected devices (e.g. charging points). The EMS receives and fulfills incentives and signals from market and grid operators. The user interface allows visualization of current and future charging behaviour.

EV charging station

Electric charge points for EV’s of hotel guests with smart/IP interface to connect to the energy manager.

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