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You will have the opportunity to be one of the first people to have access to the new energy solutions. Save energy costs and make your house fit for tomorrow's energy supply. Help to use wind energy when it is available, so that a sustainable and cost-effective supply is ensured. Are you with us?

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We want your house to be part of the energy transition we are developing in the city of Norderstedt. Our goals are:

  • Manage overload and underload scenarios using bi-directional communication from the grid to device level via an Energy Management System (EMS).
  • Installation of the EMS to aggregate energy demands and offers, manage flexibilities and grid commands.
  • Manage flexibilities to provide grid services and optimize energy costs.
  • Show real interoperability through the use of various manufacturers.
  • Demonstrate transition of mobility and heating as well as transition to renewable energy productions at no grid expansion.

Technologies & Infrastructure

Residential homes and apartments will be intervened in the residential demo that will be installed in the city of Norderstedt.
The following technologies will be part of the residential demo of the German pilot:

Smart meter gateway

Certified and secure communication entry point to enable safe communication and interaction between market and grid on the one side and buildings with their smart devices on the other side.

Energy manager

Central logic inside the building, monitors power consumption of connected devices (e.g., charging stations). The EMS receives from Stadtwerke Norderstedt. The user interface allows visualization of current and future energy behaviour.

HVAC System

Intelligent heat pump system for heating and domestic hot water. Manageable from the energy manager to be react on time of use tariffs or power limitation commands from the grid.

EV charging station

Electric charge station for EVs with smart/IP interface to connect to the energy manager.

PV system

Roof top PV system be part from the intelligent energy management system.

Dishwasher/ washing machine/ tumble dryer

Intelligent appliances will be managed by the energy manager.

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