Implementation of advanced Demand Response scenarios in residential setups.

Large residential community with smart appliances and EV integration.

  • Demonstrate Demand-Side Flexibility services, through the active participation of large communities in energy markets.
  •  Demonstration of IoT-assisted energy management, flexibility and interoperability across a wide range of both legacy and smart appliances of different vendors.
  • Demonstrate the integration of home appliances with related home comfort automation services.
  • Energy demand predictions and recommendations (optimized DR decisions, energy forecasting, predictive analytics, complex event processing, etc.).
  • Active engagement of residential end-users for continuous, validation of user acceptance and understanding of consumer behavior through mobile apps for actively engaging end-users through incentives (energy cost, social responsibility, etc.) provisioning.
  • Demonstrate viable concepts that ensure privacy, liability, security and trust, by exposing only anonymized data out of user premises.

Unique features

  • Home IoT-assisted energy management system.
  • Mobile App for user engagement
  • Testing of two interoperable home-IoT platforms.

Available technologies and infrastructure

  • 1000 houses of HERON customers with existing appliances, HVAC, lighting, etc. and part with smart meters;
  • 150 residential customers with installed PV systems;
  • 50 + 20 households equipped with GRIDNET’s and COSMOTE’s smart-home systems;
  • 14 EV private charging stations.

New technologies

  • DR platform and flexible contracts for consumers;
  • HERON customers will be equipped with the SAREF-ized home-IoT solution of GRIDNET and COSMOTE and SAREF compliant smart appliances.