The Italian pilot will be initiated in Milan and your community is the one that will have the opportunity to test the new technologies we are developing.

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Residential social housing.


The Italian pilot of the InterConnect project will take place in the city of Milan.

With this demo site, we want to accomplish the following goals:

  • Test and demonstration of an interoperable (SAREF compliant) HEMS for domestic apartments, involving different manufacturers of home appliances.
  • Demonstrate the interoperability and data exchange between systems and devices through the Planet District App.
  • Exploit different energy and non-energy services, including flexibility services for grid support.
  • Large scale piloting of digital services for grid, involving 200+ single apartments.
  • Empower experimenters with digital capabilities, guiding them in a radical change of common behaviors.
  • Raise the sense of belonging of residents in the neighborhood and their feeling of contributing to a common goal as a community.

Technologies & Infrastructure

The piloting activities will take place in a social housing dwelling.

The end users selected for the activities will be purchased with smart white goods products that could be remotely monitored and controlled throughout the Planet App. This app allows residents to access the smart solutions available in the building. It serves both as an “information hub” for users, connecting them with various service providers, and as an “innovation hub” for facilitating connection, sharing and collaboration with residents/users.

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