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We provide the conditions to test and evaluate new functionalities and services. You will give us feedback and participate actively in the pilot.

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Building owners will be able to test and evaluate new functionalities and services aiming at:

    • Optimizing the energy consumption based on real time data and external data sources.
    • Enabling the opportunity to participate on the energy market.
    • Controlling local heating based on real time events.
    • Reducing the energy bill.
    • Lowering the peak load of energy consumption.
    • Increasing the level of comfort, convenience, safety and sustainability for tenants of the building.
    • Implementing a state-of-the-art building management system.
    • Creating awareness for the energy transition that is taking place.
    • Giving an opportunity to be actively involved in the energy transition.
    • Creating and validating new business opportunities (services) for different stakeholders.

Technologies & Infrastructure

The building is equipped with gateway’s, sensors & devices, Actuators & Smart Outlet’s, Smart City Optical Fiber connection, Smart City Hub (data center), PV panels, EV charge station battery that will allow building owners to experience the next level of facility management and explore new services for office buildings.

Hyrde’s Ekco Data Ingestion platform

This platform enables data ingestion from different sensors in the building and provides a dashboard for the facility manager to maintain the building.

Hyrde Ekco app

This interface enables office users to use different services and is a platform for communication between users and the community manager.

TNO’s ReFlex platform

This platform organizes demand and supply of energy, as tool for aggregation and scheduling of energy flexibility.

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