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By joining the Interconnect Project you will have the opportunity to be one of the pioneers of the energy transition in Portugal, being sure that renewable energy, digital solutions and a sustainable future are essential parts of your day-to-day.

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The residential pilot will take place in Braga, Porto, Guarda, Santarém, Évora, in around 250 homes close to Modelo and Continente stores (SONAE MC), aiming at:

  • Exploit different energy services (P2P, flexibility management, etc.) for households, buildings, and energy communities;
  • Exploit interoperable digital platforms for energy and non-energy services based on cloud and hybrid connectivity solutions;
  • Validate and flexibility platforms and the data exchange interfaces within the DSO (Distribution System Operator) infrastructure and demonstrate the potential for wide adoption at the European Union level.

Technologies & infrastructures

Your home will benefit from an Energy Management System, which allows you to manage the smart appliances that we will make available, such as washing and drying machines, heat pumps and others. Why? So you can enjoy energy-efficient technologies without compromising your comfort and privacy.


Thus, high-end appliances, with high energy efficiency, will be offered, such as dishwashers, washing and drying machines, heat pumps and water heater controllers that will be remotely configured, according to the user’s preferences.


See the equipment* made available by our suppliers:

Interconnect app installed on your smartphone (Android and iOS)

The monitoring and control of appliances will be done through the Interconnect App installed on your Smartphone, where you can schedule their operation, at your convenience.
In order to promote better efficiency in the operation of the appliances, commands will also be executed remotely through a platform managed by the project.

*the list of equipment to be made available by the project is not binding and is subject to existing stock. Any exchange will be made for equipment of the same category, energy equivalent and approximate retail selling price.

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