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In the Belgium city of Oud-Heverlee, the InterConnect project will deploy new solutions in four buildings of the Local Energy Community.

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This pilot objectives are the following:

  • Demonstrate the effective multi-asset flexibility in a community of tertiary buildings with the same owner.
  • Increase comfort, minimize energy consumption, aggregate self-consumption, peak shaving, demand response and demand charge management for minimizing the electricity bill in conjunction with maximizing the flexibility provision to the grid (DSO and energy supplier), providing new revenue streams for the community owner.
  • Deploy interoperability between three platforms: HVAC control, battery and EV control and PV/building and forecasting.
  • Deliver an interface for the user’s setting and preferences as well monitoring of energy consumption.

Technologies & Infrastructure

The local energy community consists in four buildings – the city hall, OCMW office, the policy station and a day care centre -, all of them located next to each other. The following technologies will be installed:


Split unit, battery, EV charger, PV panels.


Generally, the HVAC installation of the building is controlled by a different software platform than the community demand management and grid interaction platform. On top of that, the battery or the EV charger might be linked to proprietary software on cloud. We will install:

  • SynaptiQ Power builds on the commercial platform 3E SynaptiQ, which is a commercial platform for asset operations & management in the domain of renewable energy. SynaptiQ currently is being extended to include the monitoring & control of batteries and EV chargers.
  • DeltaQ based on a model-predictive control framework automatically optimizes the BEMS control settings on hourly basis combining monitoring data, user preferences, weather forecasts and energy tariffs.

Communication, monitoring and control devices

IoT gateways, field sensors and actuators, smart meters, heat pumps.

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